Point to Multi Point Most Secured Connectivity

    Net 9 Fibernet can offer up to 10 Gbps secured, passive Point to Point to Multipoint connectivity. Our passive Optical Network Features point to multi point fiber network without power supply.

    Our highly reliable FTTP Network provides world-class reliability that increases business productivity and efficiency while reducing casts.

    it delivers dedicated and secured connectivity, Video security Surveillance, High Definition Video Conferences and Futurists communication between point to multipoint places.

    This is the most secured method for transferring data electronically on a fiber optic network. With growing trend of "identity theft", which is a concern for all.

    Fiber does not consume electricity, has virtually unlimited bandwidth, is not affected by heat and cold and has much longer life span than copper wires or any other network.

    All these features makes it viable for mobile backhaul, ATM Machines, vendors kiosks, multiple business offices, Medical Video Conferencing, educational institutions and other organizations, which need high data security and huge bandwidth as a pre-requisite in a network.

    In the end everyone needs fiber.......... terminating to the last mile customer.

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